After five years of growing up at South School, we try to make our 5th graders' final year of elementary school special and memorable.  However, we need parent volunteers to make it happen!  If you would like to volunteer for a committee to help make the end of your child’s 5th grade year at South School a huge success, please click on the picture below and sign up. 


There are 5 committees that need lots of help:  Yearbook, Survivor Day, Class T-shirts, and Class Party. We also hope to have the School Store up and running for the 2nd semester.  The more parent volunteers we have, the more successful each of these activities will be.  Click on any picture below to sign up for an activity or email our 2020-2021 5th Grade Activity Coordinators, Kelly Maguire and Amy Berinato, at


The 5th Graders receive a yearbook commemorating their years at South School.  Parents volunteer to create this memorable book and send in pictures of their children while attending South School.

5th Grade Yearbook - We need your pictures now!

The Yearbook Committee is collecting images for consideration in the 5th Grade yearbook from now until March 15th. We need your photos!!! Here's what you need to do:


1. Go to this link: 

South School ID # is 83495 (alternatively, you can search for our school site by searching via state/city/school name)


2. Create an account.


3. Upload photos directly into the appropriate folder listed in the sidebar.


4. Label each photo with the names of the kids represented in the box next to the uploaded photo. Please try to identify as many faces in a photograph as you can, left to right. Use a question mark for any unfamiliar faces. 




*Please curate your submissions, choosing only the best photos from each event to upload. We prefer to have photos representing multiple children, so if a choice comes down to a set of images with just one child vs. many, please send the group shot!


*Please look for your child's Eminent Person portrait from 3rd grade. We are hoping to have all kids represented in this category.


*Photos should represent (for the most part) the students in the 5th Grade 2019 Graduating Class.


*Photos must be school-related events (no birthday parties, private events, etc).



If you have any questions, please email Becky McCabe at


Thank you all for your help!


The Yearbook Committee


What is Fundapalooza Friday? An afterschool day of enrichment with stations throughout the school for 30 minute activities culminating with pizza for children from K though 5th


When is Fundapalooza Friday? Friday, March 29th from 3-6 PM—all children participating should pack an extra snack and stay at school on that afternoon.

What will I do at Fundapalooza Friday? You will start with snacks in the cafeteria and then go to a series of three stations throughout the school every 30 minutes and then end in the cafeteria for a pizza dinner. You will select your top 5 choices of stations and we will work to assign you to your top 3.

How much is Fundapalooza Friday? Each child K-4 is $20 with a $30 family maximum. All 5th graders that volunteer for at least one station within the afternoon are free of charge, please include them on your form as well.




More Information 


5th Grade students participate in an exciting “Survivor Day” adventure. They sport their classroom team color, complete with t-shirts and bandanas.  Each team proudly parades their home-made banners and around the field during the “opening ceremony.” They then entertain the audience with their very own creative theme songs and challenges. 


The 5th graders receive a special class T-Shirt.



The store is run entirely by the fifth graders with the goal of raising money for all fifth grade end of the year activities (yearbook, survivor day, t-shirts). Store merchandise will include school supplies and novelty items with prices ranging from 5 cents to $2.00.  The store will be open during lunch 2nd semester for the 2018-2019 school year. The kids in all grades are excited to be able to purchase small, inexpensive items on their own!

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