Curriculum enrichment or “CE,” are the programs that are brought in to the classroom to enrich a subject area in an exciting multi-modal way of learning. We have a great team of parent volunteers who coordinate these programs. The coordinators work with teacher liaisons from each grade to determine programs that will complement the respective curriculums.

The majority of the funds raised by the South School PTO are dedicated to bringing these programs into the classroom year after year.  We are grateful for our CE Coordinators who are working tirelessly to lead and enhance this program! 


TIDEPOOLS ALIVE: New England Aquarium


All School: Grooversity

Acclaimed percussionist, educator, activist and Grooversity maestro Marcus Santos leads an ensemble of drummers and dancers in a high-energy survey of musical styles springing from his native Bahia—the original capital of Brazil. As students are introduced to soul-stirring Afro-Brazilian spirituals, to the jazz that virtuosic street soloists make with instruments as humble as plastic buckets, to the thunderous and gleeful drumming of festival marching bands,to the modern sounds of Samba Funk, they will join in the fun with call-and-response chants and funky dance moves. Volunteers will be called upon to get up on stage and help make some music.

Fourth & Fifth Grade: The Geography Game Show 2018

The Geography Game Show is an interactive educational event that involves the creator and host, Neal Nichols, Jr., drawing geographical maps entirely from memory. This program challenges and enhances the comprehension and learning skills of students through the use of geographical and historical knowledge.  International traveler, artist, and creator of the shows, Neal Nichols, Jr. has hosted Geography Game Show events in schools around the world.  

The fourth grade participated in a presentation related the 48 mainland states and and the fifth grade focused on the Thirteen Original Colonies.

First Grade: Playball

David A. Kelly is a successful children's book author and travel writer, best known for his Ballpark Mysteries series.  Today he taught South School first graders all about the writing process - from initial idea creation and story structure through to publishing. All the 1st graders received a signed copy of David's newest book in The World Series Curse.  It was a very timely visit since this is opening week for the Red Sox!

Fourth Grade: Earthbound

Top Secret Science visited the fourth grade presenting a program called "The Good Earth."  The children participated in hands-on science experiments focused on the properties of rocks and minerals.  

Kindergarten: Beneath the Waves

Janice Petrie, an award winning local children's book author with a loving passion for aquatic life visited Kindergarten.  She brought her aquatic friends to the classroom to meet the children while she shared her books with them.  Janice has a rich back ground from her experience as a reading teacher combined with her experience at The New England Aquarium as an Outreach Specialist and has published three children's books.  The children enjoyed learning from her and reading with her!

Fifth Grade: Meeting History

On March 7, Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum brought the Sons and Daughters of Liberty to the fifth grade for a half day of interactive historical performances.  Students played active roles as either loyalists or patriots participating in a reenactment of the historical town meeting held just hours before the Boston Tea Party.  Students learned why the Boston Tea Party caused Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts which triggered the Battles of Lexington and Concord.


Later in the day, students took in these additional exciting performances:   Adventures at Sea in the Eighteenth Century and Anecdotes from the Boston Tea Party.

Third Grade: Taking Flight

Amelia Earhart- Pioneer in Aviation, our 3rd graders learned how Amelia Earhart's fearless, adventuresome spirit lead to hair-raising rides down her homemade roller coaster, and  how she was enthralled with the wonders of the new "flying machines" during a family vacation to the Iowa State Fair. As she matures, Amelia was fulfilled by her work as a nurse's aide and begins to consider a career in medicine. This idea "flies out the window," however, when she pays a pilot $1.00 to take her up for a short "hop" in his plane. From then on, the science of aviation becomes her passion as flying becomes her career.  Amelia followed her dreams with an indomitable spirit, and her story will inspire everyone to pursue their own budding interests, whatever they may be, and will also reinforce the importance of family, respect for others and individuality.

Fourth & Fifth Grades: When Life Hands You Lemons

Jacqueline Davies, author of The Lemonade War, visited our fourth and fifth graders to share her When Life Hands You Lemons program, Jacqueline spoke with students about her process for developing that story.


When Life Hands You Lemons: The idea for The Lemonade War began as Jacqueline watched her two sons arguing over a lemonade stand. How did that first idea evolve into a book? What did the author keep from that real-life incident and what did she change? This presentation explores the three story elements of main character, motivation, and problem; story shape and structure; and the sequential stages of writing (thinking, pre-writing, writing, and revising).  

First Grade: Puppets Fun!

Lindsay Aucella shared a puppet show with our first graders on January 23. Lindsay Aucella's comedic animation and timing, high energy, and uncanny knack for silly voices electrifies young crowds (and mastery of gentle crowd control will bring them back!) She believes the visual and interactive nature of puppetry can access the imaginations of even the youngest children. Through thoughtful storytelling she hopes to inspire creative play, self-confidence, and empathy. She also believes the experience of shared joy and laughter can strengthen a community!  

Third Grade: Museum of Science

The third grade learned about Motion: Forces and Work from the Museum of Science traveling program. They learned how  forces are pushes and pulls that cause changes in motion, and that the results of a force depend on its strength and the mass of the object moved. The students were also shown the difference between mass and weight and  how simple machines change the ratio of force and distance to give advantages. The students also had the opportunity to use a GIANT lever to demonstrate force! 

Second Grade: Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum visited the 2nd grade classes on January 6.  They have never had so much fun investigating the physical properties of solids, liquids and gases! In this most popular Traveling Science Workshop, dry ice and liquid nitrogen make learning the phase changes very dramatic as together they changed liquid water to gas, shattered flowers and rubber bands, used a banana as a hammer, and even shrank solid metal in just a few seconds! 

Kindergarten Enrichment: BUGOLOGY!

The BUGOLOGY program is a one-hour, hands-on experience designed to enhance the science curriculum and to introduce students to the unique universe of bugs. The goal is to teach students new ways to observe, understand and appreciate invertebrates. Bugworks provided an interactive program with live animals that students and teachers found educational and memorable.  The presenter visited each class today.

First Grade: Weather with Bri Eggers

In December the 1st grade was visited by Bri Eggers, a meteorologist from WHDH-TV 7 News (Boston's NBC affiliate). She gave a presentation about weather and meteorology.  She taught the children about many different kinds of weather - from thunderstorms & blizzards to hurricanes & tornadoes - and what it is like to be a meteorologist.

Author: Ralph Masiello


How to Make a Mistake

The students at South school welcomed Brett Outchcunis of Oochworld, otherwise known as Ooch, to present his "How to Make a Mistake" Program. Music, dance, story telling, yo-yos and improv are the vehicles he used to bring the students together and encourage them to make mistakes.  Ooch's program is an extension of our South School Champion theme this year as we encourage our children to make mistakes the "right way." He taught them that "To err is human. What we DO with our mistakes is what's TRULY important." Using his recipe of humor, music movement and skill toys, Ooch taught our children how to become great mistake-makers in an active and fun way that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Andover Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Plimoth Plantation

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the kindergarten, first and second grades learned about colonial life from an actual Pilgrim in their classroom! A museum teacher from Plimoth Plantation portrayed a resident of 1627 Plimoth Colony, using the person's life story to frame the one-hour program. For that hour, the year is 1627 and the Museum teacher speaks with a regional, English dialect of the 17th century, wearing accurate reproduction clothing. 


Using reproduction artifacts to enhance the children's experience, the visitor shared the Pilgrim story-from hiring the Mayflower in England, through the journey and the first winter, to Thanksgiving in Plymouth. As a highlight of the program, some children were invited to try on Colonial children's clothing.


Eric Fisher, Chief Meteorologist for CBS Boston's WBZ-TV New

Fifth graders were visited by Eric Fisher, Chief Meteorologist for CBS Boston's WBZ-TV News.  Eric spoke with students about weather and careers in meteorology, dedicating a portion of his visit to answering their weather-related questions.


Eric Fisher was born and raised in New England, and says there are few places on earth that produce weather like this little corner of the U.S. A supporter of science and learning, Eric is a member of both the Mount Washington Observatory and the Blue Hill Observatory here in New England. Eric is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY) with a B.S. degree in Atmospheric Science and a minor in Mathematics.

E is Election Day

Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade


Gail Gavris, author of E is Election Day, visited tSouth School students in grades three through five. Using her book E is for Election Day, Ms. Gavris introduced relevant and contemporary aspects of the election season in an informative and child friendly way.  E is for Election Day is a fun and engaging A-Z tour of the American electoral process.  It's Gloria's hope to engage the next generation of voters by sharing her knowledge and excitement about the electoral process, voting and democracy. 

The Geography Game Show

Neal Nichols Jr. presented "The Geography Game Show". Mr. Nichols drew this map **freehand** and shared a ton of geography information while doing so. The students were intrigued and enthralled the entire time. Special thanks to Ronni Cavener, the 4th & 5th grade CE rep, for bringing such a wonderful program to South.

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Matt Noyes:  Meteorologist/Science


Ralph Masiello: Illustrator/Author


Audobon Soil Program: Science 


Janice Petrie: Author/Science Educator


Fairytale Players: Social/Emotional



Meteorologist: Science


Plimoth Plantation, Puritans: Social Studies



Lindsay Aucella – Puppets: Social/Emotional



Museum of Science, Animal Habitats - Science



David Kelly: Author



Plimoth Plantation, Wampanaog Indians: Social Studies



Discover Museum: Science



Marty Kelley: Author



Frederick the Paramedica: Author



Techsploration: Science


Sheryl Faye presents Sally Ride: Author


Top Secret Science: Science


Raul Gonzales: Author



The Geography Game Show: Social Studies


Suzie Becker: Author


National Grid: Science


Top Secret Science: Science


Animal Adaptations: Science



The Geography Game Show: Social Studies


Museum of Science, Star Labs: Science/Astronomy


Gregory Mone: Author


Meteorologist: Science/Career Development


Boston Tea Party Museum: Social Studies

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